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Useful links for Operating Engineers 139

Here are some related web sites for further resources:

United HealthCare (UHC)1 - www.myuch.com or call 866-844-4869
You will need the information on your grey UHC card to create/register a user name and password. Thereafter, you can use the site to locate network providers and check on claims’ status/payments.

HealthEOS by Multiplan2 - www.healtheos.com or call 800-279-9776
Click on the “Search the Network” tab to locate a network provider. The Client ID # W349500001 is needed. You do not need a password and can just hit enter on your keyboard to proceed.

Multiplan3 - www.multiplan.com or call 800-279-9776
If you are looking for a network provider outside Wisconsin only, click on the “Find a Doctor or Facility” tab. You will then have to identify your network by picking a logo - you must be careful to choose the last green MultiPlan logo under the Back of Card section.

ComPsych4 - www.compsych.com or call 800-505-1879
Click on the “Employee/Members” tab, click on Guidance Resources Online. You will have to register as a first-time user or enter your user name and password.

CVS/Caremark5 - www.caremark.com or call 866-750-3634
You will need to know your OEF# from either your Caremark or your Health Benefit Fund ID card in order to register to view your prescription history, order refills etc.

Health Dynamics6 www.hdhelpsu.com or call 414-443-0200
The password is: hdhelpsu. Find their locations and instructions to schedule an appointment.

Mayo Health System (MHS)2 - www.mayohealthsystem.com
Click on the Wisconsin map to find a network provider.

1If you are in the UHC network and UHC processes your claims, you must use a UHC provider to get an in-network benefit.

2 If you are in the HealthEOS network and the Fund Office processes your claims, you must use either a HealthEOS or a MHS provider to get an in-network benefit.

3 If you are in the HealthEOS network and the Fund Office processes your claims, using a MultiPlan provider for services rendered outside the State of Wisconsin will allow in-network benefit payment.

4 Regardless of your network, preauthorization is required for all inpatient and outpatient treatment of alcoholism, controlled substance abuse, eating disorders, mental and nervous conditions. You must contact them by phone for pre-certification and you must use an in-network provider or no benefits will be paid. They are also the Fund’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and can be contacted by telephone or via the web for GuidanceResource matters.

5 CVS/Caremark provides the Fund’s Discount Drug Program. Make sure your pharmacist is processing your prescriptions using your card. If the card is not used, full retail price is being charged—both you and the Fund are paying more for the prescription, in most cases.

6 Regardless of your network, Health Dynamics is an option to your annual routine physical benefit. Health Dynamics is paid at 100% with no deductible. Routine physicals obtained through other providers are subject to the deductible, co-insurance and the annual maximum limitation.

Operating Engineers Local 139
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