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District 1201 Health & Welfare Fund was created to provide benefits to our members and their eligible dependents. District 1201 Health & Welfare Fund was created through negotiations with the District 1201 and the School District of Philadelphia. District 1201 is proud to be part of the Service Employees International Union.
District 1201 Health & Wellfare Fund
Fax: (215)627-9250

District 1201 Union
Fax: (215)923-5534

District 1201 Legal Fund
Fax: (215)923-5534 Email:

District 1201 Scholarship Fund
Fax: (215)627-9250
If you are a public employee in the Philadelphia area or the surrounding suburbs and you want to know more about us or are looking to organize your work place, please contact District 1201 by calling 215-923-5488 or 215-627-9220
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