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Health & Welfare

SEIU Local 32BJ, District 1201

Benefits and Membership Summary

Local 32BJ District 1201 Health and Welfare Fund provides the following benefits to 2600 active members and 6500 dependent spouses and children. Our members are employed by the Philadelphia School District.

We also provide a Prescription Drug Benefit to 510 Retirees of District 1201. District 1201 represents a vast array of workers including, Bus Attendants, School Aides, Building Engineers, Building Trades, i.e. Maintenance, Transportation, Cleaners, Warehouse Services, Printing Services, Duplicating Services, Food Service Technicians, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Services, Environmental Management Services and Orthopedic Aides.

Local 32BJ District 1201 is proud to represent such a diverse membership of men and women who provide a clean and safe environment for the children of Philadelphia.

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