From the Health Fund Trustees

The Board of Trustees, acting as a body, and only the Board of Trustees, has full authority to interpret and construe the terms of the Plan and the Trust, including such things as provisions establishing eligibility for benefits, the manner in which hours of work are credited for eligibility, the continuance or discontinuance of benefits, the status of any person as a covered or non-covered Participant, and the level and type of benefits, as well as all other matters.

The Board of Trustees, acting as a body, and only the Board of Trustees, has the right to amend or terminate the Plan of benefits and the Trust Agreement. Any discretionary action taken by the Board of Trustees in determining any matter, including your rights or benefits under the Plan, will be decided in a nondiscriminatory manner, as required by law. Any determination made by the Board of Trustees with respect to your rights or benefits will be entitled to the maximum deference permitted by law and will be conclusive upon all Participants unless the action of the Board of Trustees can be shown to be discriminatory or to have been made in bad faith.

No local union, local union officer, business agent, local union employee, Employer or Employer representative, association or association representative, individual trustee, fund administrative office personnel, consultant, attorney or any other person is authorized to speak for, or on behalf of this Fund, or to commit or to legally bind the Board of Trustees of this Fund in any matter whatsoever relating to the Fund, unless such person shall have been given express written authority from the Board of Trustees to act in such matter. All Participants are warned not to rely upon any opinion or interpretation expressed by any such individual. All inquiries, requests for rulings, interpretations and decisions must be directed to the full Board of Trustees in care of the Fund Administrative Office.

No benefits or rules described in this SPD are guaranteed (vested) for any Participant, retiree, spouse or dependent. All benefits and rules may be changed, reduced or eliminated prospectively at any time by the Board of Trustees, at their discretion. All changes adopted by the Board of Trustees to the Plan of benefits or the rules will be published in writing and circulated to the Participants, as required by law, so that the Participants may have up-to-date information concerning their rights, benefits, and privileges.

In reading this document, please remember that whenever a pronoun or other word describes a masculine person, the word also includes a feminine person, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. In addition, the words used in the singular person also include plural persons, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. If you do not understand English and have a question about the benefits or the rules of the Plan, contact the Fund Administrative Office to find out how to obtain help.

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