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Delinquent Contributors

Delinquent Contributors

Signatory employers are required to submit fringe benefit contributions by the 15th of the month following the month in which the hours were worked.

The Trustees have decided that it is in the best interest of the Mid Central Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Fund (the Fund) and its participants to implement a policy whereby the Fund will make available a list of those employers that are 15 days delinquent in making contributions. The delinquent status of an employer can change on a daily basis, and because of these daily changes, viewers of this list should be cautious about relying on this list alone to confirm the delinquent status of an employer. If you are concerned with the fringe benefit status of any employer on this list, you should contact them to see if they are delinquent. You may then contact this Fund to confirm the employer’s representations.

If you are an employer and believe that you have mistakenly been listed as delinquent, you should call Jackie Ellinger at Mid Central Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Fund at (812)-232-4384 ext 225.

Updated As Of 02/05/2024
  • All year Around Tree - Fairfield, IL
  • BK Hauling And Excavation LLC - Ullin, IL
  • Dcox Enterprises LLC - Merom, IN
  • Edward & Jones Concrete - Indianapolis, IN
  • Envirosweep Specialty Services - Indianapolis, IN
  • Hayes Services - Chicago, IL
  • Liftoff Crane Services - Glendale Heights, IL
  • Olive Leaf Landscaping - Spiceland, IN
  • Pinoy Construction - Harrisburg, IL
  • Precision Wall Systems - South Bend, IN
  • Price Construction Group - Indianapolis, IN
  • R & K Excavation - Bloomsdale, MO
  • River City Demolition - Peoria, IL
  • Sheehan Pipe Line - Tulsa, OK