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Initial Eligibility

Initial Eligibility

In order for a new employee to have initial eligibility you must work four months with hours in each month.

Example 1

You are initially eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following completion of four months of continuous employment with an Employer, provided you have a least 400 Credited Hours of employment in that four month period, with a least one Credited Hours of employment in each of the four months.

April 120
May 160
June 160
July 80

There were hours reported in each month and there were 520 hours reported, so this member would be eligible on August 1.

Example 2
April 200
May 160
June 0
July 160

This member has the same amount of hours, but he will not qualify as he did not have any hours reported in the third month. You need hours worked in each month.

A member must have 4 months of continuous employment before he can become eligible on the required 400 hours in a Contribution Period.