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Welcome to Cement Masons Local 502 & Plasterers' Area 5

Hello and welcome to our website. Thank you for stopping by our web site. Please use the navigator to access your Fund’s Summary Plan Description booklets, forms, participant notices, as well as log into our system to view work history, eligibility, contributions, and pension history.

You can also download forms such as an enrollment form in order to add a new dependent or change your beneficiary or download a change of address form. These forms should be completed by you, signed and mailed to the Fund Office.

Union Wellness Centers

As you are aware, there are 5 Union Wellness Centers (UWC) open and 2 more opening soon (Channahon & Bellwood Locations). You must be currently eligible in the Plan to utilize services provided by Union Wellness Centers.

Please Click the following Link to go directly to the Union Wellness Centers Website: https://unionwellnesscenters.com

Union Wellness Centers – General Information

Union Eyes – General Information

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