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Important Information

It is important that you notify the Fundís Third Party Administrator, EIFBFI, in writing whenever:

  1. You change your home address.
  2. You are receiving workersí compensation benefits.
  3. You wish to change your beneficiary.
  4. You return to work after a disability ceases.
  5. You enter the Armed Forces of the United States.
  6. You get married or divorced or become legally separated.
    NOTE: If a Participant fails to notify the EIFBFI office at the time of their marriage dissolution, and, as a result of this lack of notice, the Fund pays claims for an ex-spouse; it is the Participantís responsibility to reimburse the Fund for such claims paid. If the Participant does not reimburse the Fund for such claims, then the Fund will subtract these monies due from future claims payable on behalf of the Participant.
  7. You add a new dependent.
  8. Your child is no longer an eligible dependent.
  9. Your claim is, or you think your claim may be, subject to subrogation; i.e. another party may be responsible to pay your claims costs (such as an auto accident for which you are not at fault).
  10. Your spouse and/or dependent child(ren) are covered by or lose coverage under another health plan.
  11. You, the Participant, are responsible for maintaining the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) forms you receive from the EIFBFI office with your benefit payments.
  12. Please be sure, when using a PPO facility, that the physician is also part of the PPO; in some cases, not all physicians in a PPO facility are part of the Preferred Provider Organization.