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This section of your web site contains Benefit Summaries and Summary Plan Descriptions. It has been prepared to describe the benefits, rules of eligibility, and other special provisions concerning your benefits under your Iron Workers Local Union Benefit Plans. We have made every effort to present the information in this Booklet in clear and simple language, so that you can fully understand the plan of benefits under which you are covered.

We suggest that you read the Benefit Summaries and Summary Plan Description on the following pages very carefully, in order to understand their application to your specific case. Your Benefit Plans have been carefully considered by the members of the Board of Trustees, and every effort has been made to provide additional health related benefits. We sincerely hope that these benefit plans will provide a high level of security for you and your family, since it has been specifically designed to cover your health related expenses. If you have any questions concerning the plan of benefits, please contact the Fund Office.

Welfare Fund
(Locals 9, 33 & 440)
Supplemental Fund
(Locals 9, 33 & 440)
Pension Fund
(Locals 9, 12, 33, 60 & 440)
Annuity Fund
(Locals 9, 12, 33 & 440)
Prudential Life Insurance Plan
Benefit Summary
Welfare SPD
Quick Reference Chart
Appeal Procedures
Active Participants SPD
Retiree SPD
Pension SPD Annuity SPD Prudential Life Insurance Plan SPD
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