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Messages from the Fund Manage - Spring 2010

Sue Ranelli, Administrative Manager

Spring is almost here — yeah!! I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and spending more time outdoors. Winter is beginning to overstay its welcome. I’m sure most of you will agree.

Things are beginning to settle down at the Fund Office. The past couple of months have been very busy. We recently sent another mailing to insured members—yes, another mailing. This one included your new health insurance ID cards, our HIPAA Privacy Notice & Release Form and also a Coordination of Benefits (COB) Form. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our office. If you have not done so already and you have dependents covered under your health insurance plan, complete and return the yellow COB Form to our office. Claim payments will be held after March 17 if this form has not been received by our office.


When Working Outside Your Home Local: For those of you that work outside your home local and want your benefits returned to the District Council, be sure to check with the local to see if they are an A&B Local (money follows the man). If they are, make sure that they have a reciprocity form on file for you. If you have any questions, contact Tina Schaffer at our office.

Bills Received from Healthcare Providers: When you receive a bill from your healthcare provider, make sure that this bill was considered for payment by the Fund Office. Also, be sure to verify that the amount they are billing you for (balance after insurance) is correct. Compare your statement to your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that you received from the Fund Office. Call the Fund Office if you have any questions.

When thinking of Retirement: If you are thinking of retiring and you would like an estimate of your benefits, contact Sue Scott at our office. You should contact Sue two (2) months before the month you intend to retire. She will provide a detailed statement of your available options, your monthly benefit as well as the necessary paperwork.

New to You:

Locals 33 & 440 Supplemental Fund—New Benefit: Gym memberships will now be considered for reimbursement. A mailing will soon be sent out explaining the details of this benefit.

Health Insurance Coverage Available to Retirees Under the Age of 65: Insurance can now be purchased through Titan Insurance at affordable rates. A mailing will soon be sent out explaining the details on this coverage.

My new position continues to be both challenging and rewarding. The Board of Trustees Meeting that I attended last month was interesting. I find the investment piece of our Plan extremely interesting. Between your Board of Trustees and Money Managers, you can be assured that your Funds are in good hands.

If there is anything that you feel our office can improve, please let us know. We welcome your thoughts and ideas. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. Happy Spring!!

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