Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • question_answerHow do I apply for reimbursement under my Flex Account?

    Any Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescriptions claims MUST be submitted through ALL health insurance carriers BEFORE submitting for Flex Reimbursement under the Wisconsin Electrical Employees Health & Welfare Plan (the "Fund"). You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when an Insurance Carrier process's your claim. This EOB must be attached to the Flexible Benefit Reimbursement Form IF you file a paper Flex Reimbursement request. PLEASE BE ADVISED: You may now file your flex reimbursement directly from the website by logging in under your username and password and select FSA Account, follow the instructions posted.

    If you have a secondary Insurance Carrier, the secondary carrier's EOB must be included with your paper Flex Reimbursement request (if filing online follow instructions). If you are filing for Dental or Vision Flex Reimbursement and you do not have this optional coverage under the Fund you can handle filing one of two ways listed below:

    1. Run the claim through the Fund Office and receive an EOB stating the claim was denied as you do not have this benefit; or
    2. Submit your Flexible Benefit Reimbursement Form with a copy of the itemized bill and state on the front page that you do not have the optional dental and/or vision benefit and are requesting reimbursement.

    When filing for prescription co-pays by paper, just attach the Pharmacy print-out or copy of the prescription receipts which should indicate the co-payment amount that you paid, date of service, prescription name, patient name, etc. with the Flexible Reimbursement Claim Request.

  • question_answerWhy do I have to pay for a copy of an Explanation of Benefit form?
    Wisconsin Electrical Employees Health & Welfare Plan (the 'Fund') mails out an explanation of benefits (EOB) to the participant every time a claim is processed under their file which should be kept for their own records. The Fund does not keep copies of the EOB, however, the Fund does have the capabilities of printing a duplicate for the participant which takes time, supplies and postage, therefore, the Board of Trustees feel that in order to offset the cost of sending out a duplicate EOB a fee will be charged. You may request duplicate EOB's from the Fund Office at which time a bill will be sent to you. You will be charged $20 for the first form, 10 cents for each additional form plus the cost of postage. Upon receipt of your bill with the payment the Fund will send out the requested duplicate EOB's.
  • question_answerRoutine Physical Benefit
    The Plan will pay at 100% per eligible individual per calendar year for routine physical examinations. This benefit includes physician's charges for complete history and physical examinations, well-child expenses for a dependent child including charges for routine immunizations, and x-ray and laboratory charges, such as electrocardiogram, blood count, chest x-ray, pap smear and routine mammogram. This benefit is not subject to the deductible or co-pay percentage of the Plan.

    Note: Services provided by a NON-PPO Provider are limited to $450 paid at 100%, 10% paid thereafter per person per calendar year.
  • question_answerHealth Dynamics
    Alternatively, the Plan will pay on the Member and Spouse (no dependent children) the entire cost of an annual comprehensive physical exam and consultation performed by a participating provider in the Health Dynamics program. Contact the Fund Office for a list of the Health Dynamics locations most convenient for you and your family. However, in any calendar year, any individual who utilizes this program is not eligible for benefits under the routine physical benefit described above. No immunizations are covered under this program (i.e. flu, pneumonia, etc.).
  • question_answerTips on Routine
    1. A better option for child immunization shots, even adult flu shots, is to get these shots at your County Health Office where they cost $6 to $9 as opposed to over $100 at your Doctor's office. As you can see there is quite a cost difference, although always remember where you receive your health care is your decision.
    2. Notify your Provider that you have a routine benefit and your diagnosis must be coded as such, otherwise your claim will be processed under your medical benefits and subject to your deductible and co-pay. In order to be changed from medical to routine, the Fund Office requires the treatment notes for that date of service with a "Corrected Claim" sent to our attention for reconsideration. The Fund will not pay for those records.
  • question_answerDurable Medical Equipment
    Any rental or purchase of durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, C-Pap machines, insulin pumps, tens unit, bone growth stimulator, CPM machine, etc) must be approved by the Fund Office.
  • question_answerMonitoring and Management of Pain
    The Plan shall not provide any benefits directly or indirectly relating to programs for monitoring and management of pain. Prior approval is recommended before receiving any type of treatment including but not limited to epidural and steroid injections, therapeutic injections, intraarticular injections, medical branch blocks, medical branch neurotomy, RFA of medical branches, etc.