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About our Mural

U.A. Local Union 159 commissioned artist T. Scott Sayre to paint the mural illustrating the history of United Association craftsmen's skills and abilities used in the Plumbing and Pipefitting industry throughout the world. It took Scott Sayre a year and half to research and plan this mural along with the Board of Directors for the U.A. Craftsmen, Inc. and The Consumer Protection Fund, they all worked with Scott Sayre during a number of meeting to develop the theme for the mural. Scott started painting this 10 foot by 30 foot mural in his yard, in November 1986 and finished and unveiled it 6 months later at the U.A. Local 159 Plumbers & Steamfitters Assembly Hall on April 15, 1987.

The mural's visual message is "U.A. Pride". Please, click here to view a larger image of the mural.

Facts about the mural:

  • Starting at the lower left hand corner, the mural shows a group of men who formed the first labor union in America, the Knights of Labor. The Knights of Labor represented all craftsmen of the time.
  • Above the Knights is the national Plumbers & Steamfitters logo.
  • To the right is a steamship and boiler room, representing a major employer of union members around the turn of the century.
  • The oil pipeline embraces a red brick building, the U.A. Local 159's General Office Headquarters in D.C., along with U.A. Local 159 Office in Martinez.
  • At the bottom center Sayre has depicted men and women of different ethnic backgrounds to represent the diversity of American's Union Workforce.
  • Moving along to the right the mural features two figures working on refrigeration piping and the sound suppressor tubes for NASA. The Space Shuttle and the various shuttle components represents the union's participation the the space program.
  • Sayre painted a blue background, with an unfurled blueprint.
  • The finishing touch is the copper piping that frames the mural.

Benefits are administered by Health Services Benefit Administrators, Inc. (HSBA)  | Privacy Policy

Benefits are administered by Health Services Benefit Administrators, Inc. (HSBA)  | Privacy Policy