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Trustees Report

Updated 8/16/2019

The Trustees of your Southern States Savings & Retirement Plan continue to search and interview asset managers that will give maximum returns with minimum risk. The first half of 2019 yielded an increment of 14.35%. This ranks in the top percentile of similar funds. The Trustees are searching for new strategies so as to diversify your fund to be competitive with all funds. THE TRUSTEES REMAIN DILIGENT FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL PARTICIPANTS.

Union Trustees

Mr. Brent Taylor
Mr. Jim Gookins
Mr. Bob Belans
Mr. Rolando Pina - Alternate

Employer Trustees

Mr. Greg Heying
Mr. E. Wayne Shives
Mr. Mike Cutler
Mr. Curtis Goodwin - Alternate

*All correspondence to the Trustees may be addressed to them at the Fund Office:
1910 82nd Ave, Unit 103
Vero Beach, FL 32966

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