Short Term Disability

Short-Term Disability

You will be eligible for the weekly disability income benefit if you are unable to work because of a non-occupational sickness or injury and you have satisfied the Plan’s requirements for eligibility. Benefits are payable as shown in your Schedule of Benefits. Unit 2 Employees are not eligible for this benefit.

Unit 2 Variable Hour Employees:

Although you do not receive a weekly disability income benefit if you are covered under the Plan as a Unit 2 Variable Hour Employee, you should notify the Welfare Fund office of time off due to disability to arrange for continuation of your Part-Time benefits.

  • Be wholly and continuously (totally) disabled because of a nonoccupational injury or sickness. It is not necessary that you be confined to your home in order to collect benefits, but you must be under the care and treatment of a legally qualified physician;
  • Be eligible for benefits at the onset of your disability; and
  • Have lost wages that would have been otherwise payable from your contributing employer as a direct result of missing available work because of such sickness or injury.

For more information regarding disability benefits please see pages 57-58 in your Summary Plan Description.