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Fund Partners


Meritain Health, a subsidiary of Aetna.

Click the link below to find a participating provider in your area. Fund Participants have access to the CMR network and the Aetna Choice Plus II (Open Access).

Online Provider Directory

** This link will also locate an in-network behavioral health/substance abuse provider.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield - Dental

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a large network of some of the region's best dentists and oral surgeons. Click the link below to find a participating dentist or oral surgeon in your area.

Online Provider Directory for your Dental* Plan

*To access the online provider directory for Dental Providers, click the link above and search "Find a Dental Provider" in the National Directories section. Your Dental Plan is: "Dental Blue 100/200/300".

H&H Health Associates - MAP (Member Assistance Program)

Your MAP is free and confidential assistance to members dealing with challenges of everyday living. Your MAP can assist you and your family members with improving the quality of your life by resolving a variety of personal concerns. A live counselor is available 24/7 for crisis intervention. Contact them at 314-845-8302 or 800-832-8302. You may also click the link below to view the on-line EAP Library Webpage (includes a wide range of mental health-related articles, videos, self-assessments, etc.). Note: This webpage requires for the member to register/setup their own user account by using the following code: UFCW

H&H Health Associates


CastiaRx offers the broadest range of pharmacy tools, technology & expertise in the industry.

Click the link below to find a network pharmacy, review your prescription benefits, and more.


Vision Service Plan - VSP

Vision Service Plan has teamed up with the Fund to maximize your routine vision benefits. By utilizing a VSP provider, you will receive additional discounted services through a comprehensive vision program administered by VSP Vision Care (VSP). Visit their website below to locate a vision care provider in your area.

Vision Service Plan

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Take control of your hearing. And improve your quality of life. Amplifon Hearing Health Care is dedicated to helping you hear better. With custom hearing solutions from the leading manufacturers, expert care to make sure your expectations are met, and low prices negotiated on your behalf, Amplifon is with you every step of the way. Amplifon offers discounts on hearing exams and hearing aids.
Get the facts. Or schedule a hearing screening.
Itís EASY to access your discounts by clicking the link below.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Signature Medical Group

Signature Medical Group can help patients reach their highest possible quality of life. Designed to meet all of your familyís orthopedic needs, Signature Medical Group provides individualized patient care to help you live a pain free life. Their focus is maintaining the highest level of health care, while reducing the overall cost to you. If you are living with pain, get the care you need with Signature Medical Group.

For more information about these services please visit or contact Gerrie Herrmann at 314.973.4585 or via email at

Absolute Solutions

Absolute Solutions coordinates the scheduling of MRI, CT, and PET scans when your treating physician orders these tests. When you go through Absolute Solutions your services for these scan are absolutely FREE! There is no co-pay or deductible and the scans are guaranteed for quality. Your fund will also experience substantial savings because the costs are much lower.

All you need to do is call 800-312-5040 and schedule your appointment or log onto and schedule your scan.