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Welcome to the NYCDCC Benefit Funds online remittance processing system.

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Effective immediately, this site will be inaccessible from 1:00AM – 2:00AM (ET) on a daily basis for system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Some benefit rates now provide for two categories of Journeyperson: “Certified Journeyperson” and “Journeyperson.” To ensure that you remit at the proper rate levels, please select “CJ” for “Certified Journeyperson” and “JP” for “Journeyperson.” Should you have any questions, please contact Employer Assistance at (212) 366-7386.


When a contract rate change occurs, you will need to submit two reports for the pay period ending week. Both dates will appear in the drop down. E.g.- For benefit rates that increased effective August 1, 2019, we added an extra week ending, July 31, 2019, to accommodate benefit rates that have been worked in July. Should you have any questions, please contact Employer Assistance at (212) 366-7386.


If you are remitting working dues assessment on behalf of your employees who authorized the dues check-off, please ensure the following:
  • Your Payroll deduction information is up-to-date and matches the current Dues Authorization Status in I-Remit. Employees are submitting signed authorization forms on a daily basis to NYC District Council of Carpenters.
  • The working dues/PAC remitted on behalf of the employee is deducted from the employee paycheck.
  • Verify the payroll total working dues/PAC deductions agree with I-Remit remittance report.
    • Tip: Generate I-Remit remittance report, save, and compare deduction total to your payroll report total. You can submit your I-Remit remittance report at a later date.

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