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On behalf of the Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust, we are pleased to announce that the Open Enrollment period for the 2020-21 Plan Year has been extended. Instead of closing on June 21st it has been extended until midnight on June 26th. Don’t delay; enroll today!
Contact (909) 494-2916 or (866) 484-1337.
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Important Announcement for Teamsters Members

For the first time ever, you now have a choice to enroll in the Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust, Medical, Dental and Vision Plans, or remain in enrolled in the County’s medical, dental and vision plans.

You can enroll online by logging into this site or by completing the Paper Enrollment form and mailing to:
Teamsters Local 1932 Trust, P.O. Box 571, San Bernardino, CA 92402-0571

Download Enrollment Form

Please contact the Teamsters Trust Customer Service department at (909) 494-2916 for assistance. If you want to enroll in the Teamsters Trust and stay in the same Plan you have with the County and have no changes in your dependent coverage, all you have to do is check the box in Section 2 of the enrollment application, then sign the application; you’re done! If you have Plan or dependent changes, follow the steps outlined in the Open Enrollment Guide or by walking through the step-by-step online application.

Please keep in mind, all of the benefits available to you as a County employee are still available to you. Signing up in the Teamsters Trust has no bearing on your other benefits such as additional Life Insurance, or changing your FSA contribution. You would continue to make modifications to the ancillary benefits through the EMACS system. Sign up today, don’t delay.

Announcement of Plan Administrator

2020-21 Open Enrollment Guide

View Here


  • When is it?
    Begins June 1st and goes through June 21st.
  • How will the plan options work with the addition of the Trust?
    You will be able to choose between the Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust or the County's Plan.
  • What are the plan differences between the Trust and the County?
    You will have the same plan options under the Teamsters Trust as available under the County, only better.
  • What are the carrier differences between the Trust and the County?
    You will have the same carrier options under the Teamsters Trust as available under the County. The carriers are BlueShield, Kaiser, Delta Dental and Eyemed.
  • What if I want to move to the Trust with no changes to the Plan I am enrolled in, or changes in dependent coverage?
    If you want to move to the Teamsters Plan and have no changes in the Plan you are enrolled in, or no changes to your dependent coverage, you will be able to use the short enrollment option, created by Zenith American Solutions: just one checkbox and minimal information from you, and you will be moved to the Teamsters Plan, maintaining the same plan options you had under the County.
  • What if I want to move to the Trust and make plan changes?
    There will be a distinction in the look and feel from the EMACS site, so that you know it is the Teamsters Trust that you are enrolling in. However, the process will be similar to what the County has in place. There is an online enrollment module to make your Plan selections. It is an easy to use self-serve model. However, there will be Customer Service Representatives to assist you in completing your enrollment form, and answer any questions you may have.
Jessica Gretz
Jessica Gretz

Customer Service Representative

Jesus Felix
Jesus Felix

Customer Service Representative

Leticia Duran
Leticia Duran

Customer Service Representative

Daniel Bohorquez
Daniel Bohorquez

Customer Service Supervisor


A Message From Your Enrollment Team

Zenith American Solutions dedicated Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare team is trained specifically on the Plans available to you, and is available to assist you in the enrollment process. Say hello!


This is what unions are all about: when we come together as workers, we improve our ability to win fair compensation for our work. In the immediate and over the long-run, this dynamic is what creates financial stability at home and in our communities.

Randy Korgan
Secretary-Treasurer / Principal Officer
Randy Korgan
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