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Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust offers Medical, Dental and Vision Plans

Teamsters Local 1932 is proud to announce the Health and Welfare Trust available to Teamsters Local 1932 Members only. Each year during your Open Enrollment period, you can enroll online by logging into this site or by completing the Paper Enrollment form. Unless you are a new hire or have a qualifying life event, the annual Open Enrollment period is the only time you can elect to make changes in your benefit coverage.

Latest News

Plan for Retirement
October 11, 2023

Considering retirement? Reach out for assistance to begin preparation and research plans available to you.
Call: 1-855-803-2540 (TTY: 711)
Potential Retiree Flyer

If you are a Pre-65 Retiree, Via Benefits can assist with your HRA set up for the $750 Trust subsidy reimbursement and enrollment in a marketplace plan.
Call: 1-800-695-9328 (TTY: 711)
Announcement Letter

If you are a Post-65 Retiree, Via Benefits can assist with enrollment in a Medicare plan.
Call: 1-800-677-8175 (TTY: 711)
Online: Announcement Letter

Need healthcare benefits for your dependents? You may shop for plans for your family. When you call ask for Via Benefits and you will be directed to the concierge service for assistance on purchasing plan(s) though the marketplace.
Call: 1-800-591-2611 (TTY:711)
Retail Services Flyer

New Retiree Plan
July 6, 2023

Click here to view the plan info


Teamsters 1932 Online Event
Kaiser Permanente Webinar

November 29, 2023

Listen to the Kaiser Permanente and learn about Social Health - Get connected to community resources

Resources to help you focus on total health:

You have enough on your mind without also having to worry about the rising costs of daily living. When tough times happen, it's good to know where you can turn for extra support.

Community-based resources are just a click or call away:

  • What is social health? - The circumstances of daily life play a big role in your overall health. Access to healthy food, safe housing, quality education, and the internet are just some of the factors that can help or hinder health outcomes.
  • Connect to resources - With so many social health factors, it's not surprising that many people report having at least one unmet social health need. Ensuring these daily necessities are taken care of can have a positive impact on health and quality of life.
  • Get support in your area - Whether you're looking for childcare, transportation, or help paying utility bills, there are many programs and services near you that can provide information or assistance. Learn about available resources in this online directory.

Social needs can have a major impact on health, well-being, and quality of life. Find community resources near you and get help when you or a family member needs it.

View Webinar Recording. Password to access: Gs8Cskfk

Teamsters 1932 Online Event
Delta Dental Webinar

October 24, 2023

Listen to the Delta Dental Webinar at your convenience and learn about the differences between HMO and PPO benefits.

View Webinar Recording. Password to access: wXEw4CpQ

Teamsters 1932 Online Event
Blue Shield Webinar

September 18, 2023

Listen to the Blue Shield of California webinar and learn more about diabetes and its effects and to get tips on how to prevent or manage this condition. We'll cover meal planning, physical activity, stress management, and how to monitor blood sugar levels. We'll also review medicines used to manage diabetes.

View Webinar Recording. Password to access: qBThA56J

Teamsters 1932 Online Event
EyeMed Member Webinar

August 18, 2023

Listen to the EYEMED webinar at your availability and learn more about what's new with EYEMED, vision health and your vision benefits.

View Webinar Recording. Password to access: jKeJsEy6

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When working people stand together, working people can win -
Together we're Union Strong

Kathleen Brennan

In talking with some coworkers, I was asked why I haven't talked about one of the main reasons I got involved with the Union and agreed to be President: to help our Union succeed in getting the Trust up and running, and our Medical Retirement back after we lost too many coworkers who worked much longer than they needed to only because we didn't have Medical Retirement. By enrolling in the Trust, you are investing in all of our futures; you will never have retiree coverage under the County's Plan.

Kathleen Brennan, President
Teamsters Local 1932

Laura Marquez

This past year has been extremely different and at times very stressful... I really wanted to make changes for the better for my family. With the help of the Zenith American Solutions team, I enrolled in the new Teamsters Trust and I was able to make those changes. Not having added stress in changing my benefit plan helped me so much. I'm extremely grateful.

Laura Marquez, Preschool Services
Teacher 3 / Mentor Coach

Beatrice Garcia

I first heard about the Teamsters Health and Welfare Trust Fund when we were doing negotiations. What inspired me to join was the ability to have options at retirement. To not have to wait to be 65 to retire, or to be in so much debt that you have to get another job when you go to retire because the medical costs far outweigh what you're bringing home at that point, it's a benefit to be able to have some kind of security in medical when we get to retirement; and this is the only option that we have given that the County can't provide that for us.

Beatrice Garcia, Administrative Unit
Social Worker 2

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Please contact your dedicated Customer Service department at (909) 494-2916 or (866) 484-1337 if you have questions or need assistance. You can also email us at

The Trust Administration office is conveniently located within the Teamsters 1932 Union Building address:
421 N. Sierra Way - 1st Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92410

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