• Do I have Blue Cross or PHP insurance?

    No, KBT uses the BCBS of Kansas and PHP PPO network to receive discounted rates on your services depending on what City and State you live in.

  • How do I find a medical service provider?
    Medical Kansas Residents

    The Plan utilizes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas for our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network. This means our discounts and provider listing comes from BCBS of KS. To get a provider listing, you can contact BCBS of KS at 800-432-3990 and give them your Kansas Building Trades ID# or you can go online to www.bcbsks.com. Should you need assistance for the online site, you can contact the fund office at 800-432-3595 and select opt. 3.

    Medical Kansas City Metro Area/Missouri Residents

    The Plan utilizes Preferred Health Professionals for our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network. This means our discounts and provider listing comes from PHP. To get a provider listing, you can contact PHP at 800-544-3014 or you can go online to www.phpkc.com and select Freedom Network, Freedom Network Select or Healthlink.

  • Does the Plan automatically cover my dependents? Do I pay separately for them?

    Once you meet the eligibility requirements, the Health & Welfare Plan will cover your qualified dependents at no additional charge to you.

  • How do I add a new dependent to my coverage?

    Contact the Fund Office at 785-267-0140 to add a dependent. You will be required to complete an Enrollment/Beneficiary card and provide the required documents.

  • If my spouse is employed and has insurance, who pays first?

    In most situations, the person that holds the insurance is primary.

  • Who is primary for our children?

    The Plan that covers the parent whose date of birth occurs earlier in the calendar year, excluding the year of birth, is primary.

  • If I’m divorced who covers the children?

    The divorce decree would usually indicate that information.

  • Do I need to contact someone if I am hospitalized?

    Yes. You or your physician must notify Utilization Management (UM) at 877-202-6379 whenever you or a dependent is hospitalized for an inpatient stay. In case of an emergency admission, UM must be notified by the next business day after the emergency.

  • Does the Plan cover chiropractic services?

    Yes, limited to twelve visits per calendar year. These services are covered at 80/20 after your deductible has been met.

  • Who do I contact if I need mental health or substance abuse care?

    Contact the Fund so we can help you find a network provider.

  • How do I file a claim for benefits?

    Medical claims must be sent by the provider to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas or PHP depending on the City and State you live in. If it is a claim for reimbursement for massage therapy, you would contact the fund office.

  • How do I fill a prescription?

    Call SavRx at 800-228-3108 to find a network pharmacy near you.

  • Do I have to use the mail order program for prescription refills?

    No, however for convenience or cost savings you may want to use the SavRx mail order program.

  • How do I find a dentist in the PPO network?

    Call Delta Dental at 800-234-3375 to find a network PPO dentist near you or go to www.deltadentalks.com

  • How often can I get my teeth cleaned??

    Twice per calendar year.

  • Is surgery to remove wisdom teeth covered under the dental plan?

    Yes. Oral surgery is paid as General Dental Services subject to the dental deductible.

  • Are dentures covered?

    Yes. Dentures are considered a Major Dental Service.

  • Where can I go for an eye exam and for glasses or contact lenses?

    Call VSP at 800-877-7195 for a network provider near you or go to www.vsp.com

  • What does my vision benefit cover?

    Eye exam every 12 months, spectacle lenses or contact lenses every 12 months, and frames every 24 months.

  • I had to pay for my vision exam, glasses, etc. How do I get reimbursed?

    Contact VSP at 800-877-7195 for a manual claim form.

  • Do I have to pay up front for my vision care or can my doctor send a bill to the Health & Welfare Fund?

    VSP network providers will bill the Fund directly.